Seniors in Alabama

Aging comes with a lot of changes. One transition many seniors and their families face is moving to a place where they can get more hands-on care. Assisted living communities are well equipped to help residents manage daily activities while allowing aging adults to retain their independence.

This guide to assisted living in Alabama discusses paying for assisted living and eligibility requirements. It also has free resources for seniors and their families.

Veterans Guide to Paying for Assisted Living & Home Care

Are You Taking Full Advantage of Your Veterans Benefits?

  • Veterans Receiving a Pension May Be Eligible for Additional Cash Benefits
  • Learn About Lesser-Known Benefit Programs
  • Get Help Applying for Veterans Benefits

A Guide to Veterans’ Benefits

Are You Taking Full Advantage of Your Veterans Benefits?

This guide will explain several VA benefits, especially those that apply to seniors. It includes how to use VA benefits to pay for long-term care needs, the eligibility requirements, and the application process for benefits, so you can determine your options for using those benefits to pay for your health needs.